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Sylvia Schopf

Sylvia SchopfAfter studying pedagogy, art and theology at university she trained as an actress and founded a travelling children’s theatre company. Today she lives in Frankfurt after stopovers in the Ruhr Area, Munich and southern Spain and juggles a number of different trades, working as a journalist and author, as an actress and in theatre education. Her literary work includes books for children, young people and adult readers, as well as plays for the theatre. As an actress she has brought materials from her books in solo performances to many theatres in German-speaking countries.
Since 1992 she has been writing radio features and stories for children and adult listeners (particularly for the Hessischer Rundfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Westdeutscher Runkfunk, Bayrischer Rundfunk). She loves travelling and seeing other countries; recently her journeys have mainly taken her to West Africa, Mexico and India.

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