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Olga Witt

Olga Wittwas born in 1983. She studied architecture with main emphasis on energy optimized building in Coblenz, Thessaloniki and Cologne. After working in a Cologne architect’s office she went on a cycling tour from Thailand to Vietnam. Even at that time “Zero Waste” was her big life topic. Back in Cologne she met her husband Gregor and his children. Together they offer Zero-Waste-workshops and run a blog ( Olga and Gregor Witt opened a Zero-Waste-shop in 2016.

Their life without garbage has already been discussed by the press – such as the magazine “Eltern”, “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, “Westdeutscher Rundfunk”, “DRadio Wissen” or “SternTV”. You can find a collection of the articles on their homepage:    

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