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Marie T. Martin

Marie T. Martinwas born in 1982 and grew up in a village between Freiburg and the Black Forest. As a child she loved to browse among books for hours and it was in the elementary school where she started to write stories. She wanted to be a writer or a cowboy and after high school she studied literary writing at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig . Currently she lives in Cologne, where she has made an apprenticeship as a drama teacher . For her poems and short stories which have appeared in magazines and anthologies, she has already received awards and scholarships, so the MDR Award in 2007, and a Rolf -Dieter Brinkmann Scholarship 2008. Currently Mari T. Martin creates a funny book series in cooperation with the illustrator Ulrike Stein. She also writes poems, short stories and radio plays. Now she especially wants to write for children and teenagers such great books she enjoyed reading as well as in her childhood, books which are exciting and simply enchant you. She also loves nature, likes to go to pop concerts and wants to have a small white house with bright blue shutters and climbing roses .



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