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Friederike Renée Rensch

Friederike Renée Renschlives in Frankfurt and Duisburg. She discovered her passion for language and visual arts early on and by studying german literature, art education and philosophy her passion became her profession. She worked as a freelance journalist for major newspapers and  television, as a costume designer and production manager in the film industry. In her job as an editor and project manager for a PR agency she demonstrated her language skills and organising ability.
Then, because of an agonizing sciatic nerve, she discovered Qigong and became interested in chinese philosophy. Consequently, in addition to her work as author, she currently teaches Qigong & Meditation and offers Feng Shui consultations.
A special feature of her novels is that the plots take place in the plump social life with its controversial issues and that the people therein are discussed with humor and great wit.

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